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A colposcopy procedure is an excellent diagnostic tool that’s used to take a closer look at your reproductive organs, as well as take tissue samples for biopsy. Dr. Khadra M. Osman, gynecologist at Fort Lauderdale Women Care in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, have extensive experience in performing colposcopies, which provide regular preventive care for your reproductive health.

Colposcopy Q & A

What is a colposcopy?

A colposcopy is a procedure that allows close examination of your vagina, cervix, and vulva to detect any conditions or diseases. If either Dr. Osman or Dr. Sanches finds anything abnormal, she may take a biopsy, or tissue sample, during the procedure for further study under a microscope.

Why do I need a colposcopy?

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A colposcopy is usually recommended if your Pap smear results or pelvic exam showed the presence of abnormal cells on your cervix. A colposcopy is the next step in detecting or diagnosing the following:

  • Genital warts caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV

  • Cervicitis, or inflammation of your cervix

  • Precancerous changes in your cervix, vagina, or vulva

The most common reason why your cells may reveal abnormalities is due to HPV, and a colposcopy can confirm its presence while ruling out other more serious conditions.

Ultimately, a colposcopy is a valuable tool for detecting precancerous conditions and viruses, allowing you the opportunity to treat the condition early, which increases your chances of successfully battling the disease.

What does a colposcopy entail?

A colposcopy is performed with a colposcope, which provides an illuminated and magnified view of your cervix and surrounding areas. The entire in-office procedure, which takes 10 to 20 minutes, typically follows these steps:

  • Your gynecologist inserts a speculum into your vagina to hold your vaginal walls back

  • The colposcope is threaded through the speculum

  • The illuminated colposcope provides the doctor with a magnified view of the area through a special lens

  • Your gynecologist swabs your cervix and vagina to clear away mucus for a better view

If, during the examination, Dr. Osman or Dr. Sanches detect anything suspicious, they’ll collect a sample of your tissue to perform a biopsy. This procedure can cause mild discomfort as the instrument cuts away the tissue sample, but the pain resolves itself quickly with the use of simple over-the-counter medications. The doctor may first apply a topical numbing agent if she wants to take a lower vaginal tissue sample.

Once the tissue sample has been examined, Dr. Osman or Dr. Sanches reviews the results with you and, if necessary, makes recommendations for additional steps.



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